Enterprise Architecture Advisory Program

Reksoft helps to bridge the gaps between business and IT

The importance of EA

Today enterprises operate in an ex­tremely dynamic environment, that challenges the traditional business models. Dealing with the complexity of the legacy systems, they need to lev­erage innovative technologies to deliv­er quicker business results and reduce time-to-market for new products and services. Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an effective tool enabling organiza­tions to successfully accomplish the transformation.

Reksoft develops EA programs focused not only on managing IT assets but on solving real business problems, while aligning them with the business goals. Reksoft assists businesses in defining EA strategy and creating an effective EA framework based on industry-lead­ing practices and best-in-class tools and solutions. The programs help iden­tify the current state of the company through landscape audits, assess ex­isting gaps, envision the desired target state, outline the necessary transition steps and support the implementation of the transformation.

The four layers that EA framework sup­ports include:

    1. The Business architecture;
    2. The Data architecture;
    3. The Application architecture;
    4. The Technology architecture.

Reksoft can help clients on developing an enterprise architec­ture using some of the most popular and effective frameworks including The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) to adopt an enterprise-wide view of a company’s IT resources and support implementation of changes.

Our Enterprise Architecture Services


  • Advisory support to identify areas where EA principles may be applied with the biggest business impact, define tools and solutions, and provide insights into best practices.
  • Building a roadmap for the development, implementation and ongoing governance of the EA.


  • Defining the future state of IT environment on the basis of the four layers of an EA.
  • Providing data modeling, policy and procedure documentation, data flow creation, and infrastructure standards.


  • Working with clients to help them mature or establish from scratch an effective EA capability based on best practices.

The benefits of using EA

Full synergy between IT and business strategies and investments.

Reduced time-to-market for new digital products and increased efficiency in delivery of strategic initiatives by efficient reuse of enterprise, data and infrastructure standards.

Reduced complexity through a component-based service oriented architecture that uses real-time interactions between IT and networks.

Lower overall total cost of ownership across diverse IT Portfolios.

Standardized and effective tool to prioritize the highest impact IT investments.

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