Automated Processing Systems & Lines

We’re providing hardware & software industry solutions and services to companies that aim to gain digital advantage by utilizing latest transformative practices.

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Processing lines automation brings the most visible benefits to your business — it’s easy to quantify, simpler to control and operate and its value feels the quickest. Constant automation always accompanies successful enterprises and lies at the core of gaining competitive advantage.

One thing we could add to your adventure is our 30 years of experience in challenging embedded software development — for your journey to be smooth and rewarding.

Our Capabilities

We assist in providing hardware and software solutions to digitalize processing of various industries:


We provide baggage handling, trays sorting, traffic and passengers flow solutions in order to make the airports sustainable and beneficial.

Warehouse - E-commerce


We automate warehousing routine tasks and processes in order to streamline deliveries and packages handling.

Parcel and Franking

We automate parcel sorting and processing lines with machine learning and computer vision algorithms.

Manufacturing - Industry

Food Processing & Packaging

We propose paradigm-changing ideas for optimizing food production processes that bring a real value.

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Completed Projects


Years of experience


Customers in Europe and USA

Your collaboration roadmap with Reksoft

Expert Consultation

Our experts are quick to learn your business goals context in order to choose the proper direction.

Project Roadmap Development

We plan and prepare to execute every major step of your future project development and define resources and costs.

Choosing Technology Stack

We provide several options for development, focusing on cost-effectiveness and adaptability.

Development Cycles & Support

We engage in your project development and provide maintenance, support and product training for your users and employees.

Complete assistance:

from proof-of-concept to launch and implementation support

Current Workflows Analysis

We’ll visit your facility and assess your current processing flow, research the building layout features and traffic directions in order to propose the optimization plan for your technologic processes.

Solution design and Efficiency testing

We will design the tech solution and implement it into your building using 3D modeling. We’ll create a digital doppelganger — a virtual copy of your future system — and evaluate the required load parameters, test it and adjust the workflow of the solution.

Only after we are both sure that everything works properly with required efficiency, we will start the software development and equipment production.

System production and delivery

We will assist in picking the components and deliver it to you. For centralized equipment management, we will develop dispatcher consoles using SCADA platform.

On-premises Launch

We can handle the mounting, operations adjustments and launching the system. We’ll integrate it with your other control tools and with special environments: scanning equipment, fire alarm systems, security terminals. We’ll onboard your staff on using and maintaining your new system.

Enable the seamless airport operations transfer

We will transfer your business processes to the moment of your new system launch so that your enterprise continues functioning without interruptions.

Warranty and post-warranty maintenance

Our tech support works with you 8/5 or 24/7. We can handle tech maintenance and equipment service. We will gradually assist your staff in service work so they can eventually take it over.


Our customers

Digitize your logistics operations

Learn how you can benefit from using our expertise in logistics and freight forwarding digitalization. We’re happy to help.