Digital enterprise architecture

Reksoft develops the digital enterprise architecture (EA) for companies’ successful IT transformation. We work with our clients to improve management and accelerate digitalization through the use of modern technology.

Our team helps organizations better analyze their workflow and make the right decisions. Created platforms combine business prospects, IT, data and risks in one place, which integrate with the entire ecosystem of the company.


Successful practice of enterprise architecture will make it possible to fully use the competitive advantages of digital technologies and show the company its strengths. It helps to solve the tasks of IT transformation and optimize all areas of business. The main advantages of EA:

The ability to capture, store, structure and analyze various sources of information to solve unplanned or predictable problems in the corporate environment.

Impact on the implementation of flexible methodologies across the enterprise to accelerate the deployment of products and connect disparate organizational groups.

Awareness of industry technologies and the capacity to clearly demonstrate how the proposed service will affect the company.

A clear overview of the enterprise to disseminate data-driven results to business leaders to prioritize investments and transformation strategies.

Standardized processes that aid firms to change for the better and get profit.

Reksoft creates an effective enterprise architecture (EA) that helps companies successfully transform.


Reksoft develops EA for companies using popular and effective methods, including the architectural structure of the so-called TOGAF open group. It is a way of designing, implementing, guiding and supporting the construction of enterprises employing controlled phases. EA program consists of 4 levels: business (enterprise strategy development), data (information structuring), applications (operation and assistant of the workflow process) and technology (aid of the necessary software).

Our IT solutions include:

  • Advisory support to the most effective implementation of the EA program development planning.
  • Analysis of the current state of the business with the help of landscape audits.
  • Implementation and continuous management of EA.
  • Estimation of existing failures.
  • Design goals, plan the necessary stages of transition.
  • Support the implementation of transformation.

Reksoft is a global provider of software and consulting services for digital technologies, helping customers to use their platforms as efficiently as possible, increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs. We provide the implementation, integration, updating and technical support of the system.