Managed data services

Reksoft offers managed data services to help companies successfully transition to digital transformation. Tracking and proper archiving information of large amount of is an integral part of modern business. Moreover keeping data confidential is important for legal reasons, and this also be value about workflow and customer base.

We aid clients understand the complexities of figures quality management, metadata curation, integration templates, reference architectures, self-service provision and much more. You will be able to always trust information, deliver it where, when and how it is needed and use it to make reasonable decisions.


Companies that work effectively with data are able to achieve greater success compared to competitors. Such firms bring products and services to the market faster, better understand the needs of the target audience, and can quickly respond to changes in demand. Modern technologies provide an opportunity to «clean up» data, obtain high-quality and relevant information, transform it and strategically evaluate.

Managed data services are popular solutions for companies and enterprises with complex apps (such as business intelligence applications) that are difficult to maintain on their own in order to achieve efficiency. Mechanisms of data control help:

Manage costs. It allows you to save on operating outlay.

Improve scalability. Managed services can help expand or upgrade systems when required.

Increase security. This is possible thanks to own complex data auditing and monitoring systems.

Enhance availability and performance. Automation aid to implement and maintain uniform standard mechanisms for all corporate content.

Reksoft conducts research, introduces innovations and has expertise in all data processing technologies. We are ready to help companies expand their business development opportunities to gain advantages over their competitors.


We provide data management services that range from consulting, implementation and support tailored to customer needs. We offer effective IT solutions developed using the latest digital technologies:

  • design and architecture;
  • real-time data processing;
  • migration and configuration;
  • data analysis;
  • document storage control;
  • search tools for corporate content flow;
  • tracking and updating information;
  • archiving tools;
  • creation of platforms for data management.

Reksoft team provides the latest developments that help enterprises navigate complex work processes related to processing information. Use data management tools to gain advantages and to improve company system to achieve high results.


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