Applications monitoring

Application monitoring also known as Application Performance Monitoring (APM) means tracking and collecting data about the operation of programs. This process allows you to determine the availability of the system, optimizing the efficiency and response time, as well as improving user interaction. Reksoft offers outsourcing IT infrastructure monitoring services. The methodology is that regularly identifies, measures and evaluates the performance of applications and provides the means to correct any deviations or deficiencies.


APM works on the basis of specialized software that is integrated into the main monitored application. Thanks to this function, system performance indicators are recorded at runtime, which are provided to the app administrator. This information includes transaction time, program response, the volume of the operations, the overall software state.

The figures obtained allow you to evaluate the performance of the application and infrastructure generally and also end-user interaction and workflows at the component level.

Main functions of APM tools:

  • To provide app dashboards and alerts. This information gives an overview and warnings draw attention to specific problems.
  • To monitor application components. These elements can include servers, databases, and message queues or interceptors.
  • Anomaly detection. It can range from simple mistake identification to advanced machine learning pattern recognition.
  • Distributed tracing. It means tracking how a single event connects between multiple nodes to detect error sources.
  • Dependency and flow mapping. It is a visual representation of how requests move between services.

Usually these indicators are provided through the software toolbar in the form of graphic drawings and statistics.


Applications monitoring helps companies achieve increased transparency of operations and analyze program performance. APM provides an ever-changing list of benefits:

  • Raised stability and uptime of the app.
  • The ability to quickly solve performance difficulties.
  • Full-scale visibility of the entire infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive investigation and analysis of the root causes of emerging problems.
  • Search for all relevant data, not just application figures.
  • Improved infrastructure usage.
  • Increase in income.

APM ensures the smooth operation of business-critical apps, contributes to enhance in company revenue by reducing operating costs.

Reksoft offers modern IT solutions and tools suitable to the current wants of application monitoring and performance management. This fills in the gaps in the system by providing real-time alerts that can improve the company’s productivity and meet customer needs.


Our services include app management, remote IT monitoring and performance control, optimization and development, and much more.

Reksoft will help to maintain APM that is critical for your business. Thanks to careful monitoring, our team is able to diagnose and eliminate errors and failures that occur before they are detected by end users. We provide:

Improving applications. We handle requests for minor and more significant program changes, as well as help to release updates.

Apps optimization. Our specialists will analyze programs and business processes for changing software, which includes the introduction of automation and integration, migration to new technologies and platforms, a restructuring IT solution, in accordance with updated company goals, data and workflows.

Troubleshooting in apps. They may be associated with certain disruptions, slow query processing, runtime errors, unavailability of components, and poor data quality.

Our team will provide you with comprehensive offers that allows you to maintain the relevance, availability and smooth function of products of various sizes and complexity. Monitor current processes and receive on the status of applications, perform operations and measures to eliminate errors, improve systems with our services.

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