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We understand that launching nearshore operations can seem like an intimidating challenge to companies with little or no experience in outsourcing. In fact, several of Reksoft's clients were initially in this situation prior to our involvement. While each company is different, setting up an outsourcing engagement requires a number of standard steps that the client should consider.

That was one of the reasons why we started offering outsourcing consulting as a preliminary service for enterprises wishing to outsource and which want to set up the engagement as promptly and efficiently as possible. 

Consulting with Reksoft

The Reksoft offer consists of a number of sessions that bring the new client to a better understanding of how the outsourcing communication framework should be structured. Properly accomplished, the outsourcing consulting service ensures:

  • a smooth transition period
  • fast set-up of the offshore team
  • consistent ongoing operations

Case studies

Providing expert monitoring and testing services

The client needed to isolate and resolve availability and performance issues more easily. We helped them manage business and operational service levels proactively...

Introducing an audio recognition system

The client needed to add compelling new services to remain competitive. Our song recognition service ensures more subscribers and more revenue...

Delivering a mission-critical russian presence

The client needed to satisfy local operators without disrupting their plans for expansion. Our participation enabled them to expand without delays or diversions...

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