Business process reengineering

Business process reengineering (BPR) from Reksoft helps improve production efficiency, improve product quality and reduce the cost of the company. The systematic method consists in analyzing the current model of the organization’s functioning and introducing fundamental ideas for revising the work scheme in order to adapt to constant market changes.

Experience in the development of digital business solutions Reksoft allows professionals to use information technology to implement innovative projects. The company seeks to solve the problem of growth of the basic indicators with the help of cost-effective and flexible methodologies.

A complete business process management is essential for organizations that face the questions below:

  • Despite the actions taken, competitors are superior in product and service quality.
  • Current investments in business processes do not pay off.
  • Production becomes costly and deployed with little improvement in the final result.
  • Violation of the efficiency of the process is difficult to fix with a simple retooling.
  • Issues are resolved by different people and teams who are not ready to take responsibility in the event of disputable situations.

Re-engineering will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business process. For example, the rationalization of the working model of management affects the success of the firm by 10-50%. Redesign BP optimizes costs and refines key performance indicators from 100 to 500%.

Business process reengineering stages

The main business process reengineering phases of the company’s activities include:

  • definition of current development strategies;
  • identifying BPs that help achieve the desired goals;
  • analysis and evaluation of the implementation of innovations;
  • modeling of the organization, taking into account reduction of production costs;
  • comprehensive realization of changes.

Using BPR engineering can improve the dynamics and impact on profit growth. In some cases, reengineering is relevant for companies, which are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Reorganization principles

The implemented business processes have different directions and cycles of action. However, they must comply with the general principles:

  • Executing a specific process by one person, which will reduce mistakes and labor costs, while improving the speed and quality of work.
  • The employee independently makes a decision within the framework of the powers assigned to him on the BP. The process of matching with the manager is minimized.
  • Running tasks in parallel can save you time.
  • Simplifying business processes lead to lower complexity and detail work.
  • Modern companies need to be flexible under conditions of changing markets.
  • Reducing the number of checks will lessen labor costs to perform management functions.
  • Rationalization of the interaction channel manager with the customer.

Combining the individual processes of production in large areas will increase the efficiency of operation through the introduction of software engineering tools.

BPR Advantages

Business process reengineering makes it possible to achieve the desired development goals. Among the important results of the transformation of production, there are the following points:

Reducing material costs by lessening the tasks and the number of workers needed.

Optimizing the formulation and execution of tasks in simplifying business processes.

The involvement of employees in the success of the work of a company with clear responsibilities distribution structure.

Business process management provides increased enterprise efficiency and identifies productive methods of proceedings.

The company is increasing the competition level, which leads to an improvement in the quality of services and products.

Businesses need to be competitive and effective in the conditions of constant development of the industry.


Reksoft holds process reengineering, focusing on the company’s needs. The team of highly qualified specialists provides consulting services and develops software to achieve corporate goals. For more information please contact the manager.

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