Digital twins

A digital twin is a virtual copy of a physical object or process that can improve a business. Its mission is to help companies detect problems faster, predict the results of issues more accurately, and produce better products.

Digital twins can be a virtual representation of the architecture of a computer network used as a sandbox for simulating cyberattacks. These technologies may reproduce the work process to test the human-robot interaction before activating certain functions in real-life conditions.

How it works

The Internet of Things helps connected machines and devices communicate with their digital counterparts, and vice versa. This is because imitation models are always on and are modern computer-simulated versions of the real physical things or processes associated with the IoT that they represent.

Digital twins are virtual representations that can capture the physics of structures and changing conditions inside and out, as measured by multiple connected sensors driven by edge computing. They may also run simulations in computer environments to check for issues and find improvements through service updates.

The development of robotics and autonomous vehicles are just a couple of a growing number of examples used in digital twins to building physical equipment.

With the help of intelligent virtual cyber doubles, it is possible to solve critical corporate and manufacturing tasks, including forecasting and managing IT security, as well as cloud applications in various use scenarios.

Advantages of digital twins

Digital twins’ platforms are changing the business. Using a smart model as a virtual counterpart of an object or process, you will be able to conduct the necessary experiments much faster and cheaper than making tests in the real situation.

Their main advantages:

  • Improving research and development. The use of digital doubles allows you to effectively study and develop products, creating a lot of data about the likely results. This information helps companies make the necessary improvements before it goes into production.
  • Increased efficiency. After a new product is put into production, digital twins’ solutions can help in monitoring systems in order to achieve and maintain maximum performance throughout the entire workflow.
  • Reduction of financial risks, as well as those related to safety for the life and health of personnel. And also improving the competitiveness and profitability of the business, reducing costs.

The virtual environment will aid to safely analyze possible dangerous in a short time, simulate situations and scenarios for existing or for future projects in organizations. And the figures obtained during the experiments will be much more accurate than in analytical models. Simulation modeling makes it possible to observe the detailed behavior of the system over time.


Reksoft specialists will help you create a simulation model for making design decisions, tactical planning and implementing a management system. We offer:

  • Tools to design a virtual copy of a production software.
  • Models for analysis of characteristics and optimization of parameters.
  • Conducting virtual experiments and analyzing what-if scenarios.
  • Implementation of a proven and debugged concept into production.

Use the services of Reksoft and create a digital twin on which you can shift difficult and risky cases and test the situation.

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