Before starting a project, we clearly define the orientation of the digital product, that is, the concept of software engineering. If the initial idea is poorly tested or the core values are not fully visible, then the work may have problems with the implementation stages and with the final result. To avoid this situation, we have to confirm the conception of software development. This gives a certain vision and assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of the project. Thus, we can offer clear and understandable solutions that will help the team move in the right direction towards its goals.

Reksoft builds the essential software concept and make optimal IT decisions for companies in various fields of activity. This will take your business to a new level and bring noticeable benefits.


Proof of concept (PoC) in creation of computer programs is a process aimed at determining the idea can actually be built or finding the most effective technologies to use in the design.

It is important that the goal of the project is clearly defined and formulated. The PoC helps to achieve that, and the better it is executed, the more confident and successful the actions of the team engineers would be. It is necessary that the entire development of the software system is carried out in full accordance with the accepted concept without stepping out of its boundaries.

Key steps

Proof of concept needs to touch the specific key topics. To develop programming ideas, the PoC should reflect the following points:

  1. Confirmation of necessity. Time and money should be spent on creating a product if people need it. It is necessary to identify the sore areas that the company faces before the development starts.
  2. Matching pain points with solutions. In this stage ways to solve problems that are identified. It is necessary to evaluate solutions to determine accounting costs, competition, deadlines, technological difficulties, etc.
  3. Creating a prototype of the solution and testing. This is a program with the expected feature set and user interface that can be used for verification.
  4. Creating a minimal viable product. MVP is a full-featured solution released for use. It includes functions to eliminate identified pain points. It works as the final product.
  5. Development of a roadmap. Based on the collected data, a plan is created describing the step-by-step process of designing a product. It will help to have a clear idea about the ultimate goal.

Following these steps we create a productive and useful concept.

Benefits of a PoC

A proof of concept to test an idea has a number of advantages. This guarantees:

  • getting the optimal software;
  • saving time and money in the process.

A description of each detail will help identify the gaps in the product plan that you may not be aware of. Whether you are adding new features to existing software or creating something entirely from scratch, PoC ensures that you choose the right path to success.

Getting proof of concept requires a lot of experience both in computer programming creation and in a specific sphere of business (be it e-commerce, oil and gas industry, logistic or financial area). Reksoft has the necessary resources and specialists who are ready to cope with any difficulties in the software and strengthen the position of your company in the market.


Reksoft offers outsourcing software development services. We use advanced algorithms and have experience in creating successful IT products in various business areas. Reksoft specialists will develop a software concept that your company needs. Improve your business with our modern digital solutions.

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