The digital platform provides a continuous business process necessary to improve interaction with customers, employees and partners.

Reksoft offers a comprehensive IT transformation program that includes several consecutive stages: consulting, creation of enterprise architecture, design and development of interactive platforms and products, as well as support of commissioned systems.

In order to achieve economic efficiency and maintain competitiveness, we can rebuild business models to optimize costs and improve the quality of services and goods. Our IT transformation helps to solve problems at a new level and adapt enterprises to the needs of customers. This means the integration of innovations technologies in many areas of economy and creation of different interactive systems or multi sided digital platforms. It can be any electronic communication tool, including: applications emerging mobile, online content delivery or distribution, media buying, advertising etc.

Building a digital platform can involve multiple components:

  • a data receiving mechanism;
  • a transactional machine learning methods for performing tasks or actions based on rules;
  • an AI mechanism;
  • APIs or tools;
  • an analytical mechanism;
  • other software that monitors compliance with regulatory requirements.

These parts must be coordinated and integrated to improve the user experience.

Digital platforms draw upon related technology trends, such as mobile devices, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and automation. All these techs tendentious have combined to create a new highly successful business by digitalization.

Platform architecture

Reksoft helps enterprises to adapt IT strategies on-the-fly to meet rapidly evolving demands. As data creation and consumption are increasing, so are the tools, clouds, networks and resources needed to support it. A specially designed digitized will help quickly adapt to the ever-changing requirements management.

Our platform architecture can include:

  • API Design;
  • Application Infrastructure;
  • Cloud Architecture and DevOps;
  • Data Science.

Reksoft’s insights and solutions will help optimize work by IT technologies. Experienced specialists will take over the maintenance and development of digital decisions, testing and training customer’s personal. Our ideas and decisions develop enterprise architecture using popular and effective platforms, including the Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF).

Our approach

Reksoft will help to ensure integrated digital transformation and multi sided platform to optimize and to scale business. Our approach includes:

  • A full cycle of software development using innovative technologies, individual IT decisions and industry specifics.
  • Functional, load and automated testing, which will help to identify errors at an early stage, reduce the cost of introducing products and decrease the time of their entry into the market.
  • Uninterrupted operation of digital solutions, if necessary, timely updates, refinement of new functionality and user training.

We have 20 years of experience in software development, testing, implementation, and maintenance. Our method of flexible building of an interactive model provides customers with a predictable result at each iteration.

Let’s create a digital platform and take your business to a new level.

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