Software integration

Reksoft provides software integration services in various business areas. This implies the connection and unification of various types of program parts or subsystems.

We offer fast and efficient implementation of digital solutions of any complexity combining our interdisciplinary expertise with industry experience.

Often an organization needs integration software when switching to a new cloud application to work with data from an outdated system. Companies that use multiple databases or have different apps also need to integrate their system to have uniform metrics. Due to the fact that all data is collected and processed in one place, business groups can effectively apply and analyze all their information.

Before proceeding with integration, it is necessary to decide which of the systems need to be integrated, which tool meets these needs and which sources can benefit from this.

There are 4 main types of application integration: star, horizontal, vertical and common data format. We help organizations should evaluate their needs and structure to determine the best method that works for them.


When a company introduces a new technology or business process, it faces many challenges related to their current applications and systems and the complex software implementation. Our engineers will handle all the difficult integration and adaptation tasks, including architecture design, testing, debugging and execution. We offer:

  • Data integration services.
  • Implementation of enterprise applications.
  • API integration services.
  • Service-oriented architecture.

Reksoft specialists are ready to ensure the effective operation of the new software application with the existing system in the company.

Our approach to software integration

We apply a flexible approach to the software development process and take into account the individual characteristics of each client’s business to help set up the current integration or introduce a new solution into the technological cycle.

Our team aids with program configuration and implementation projects on various types of platforms. Created solutions are aimed at maintaining seamless communication between critical parts of the business system.

Reksoft specialists can develop and implement integration applications that meet the needs of the company. We also offer IT solutions that will simplify the process of connecting between different system platforms. This allows our clients to manage integrations, try new technologies and get valuable information without the cost on engineers, software developers and specialized integrators.


Organizations integrate software for various reasons, depending on their scale and requirements. This procedure brings them tangible benefits:

Combining disparate systems.

Migration from legacy products to modern applications ensuring data security.

Saving money and increasing availability.

Enlarged functionality.

By synchronizing, businesses can optimize their processes and prevent technology fragmentation.

When applying multiple software subsystems organizations need to use an integration tool for syncing their disparate data sources. This allows chiefs and managers to practice effective management and understand the full range of the workflow. Enterprises require professional software integrators to connect their systems.

Why should choose Reksoft?

Reksoft has been developing software for more than 30 years. Our company delivers enterprise applications based on our deep understanding of the technologies and business industries in which our clients work. Thanks to our experience and professional thinking, we are ready to cope with any non-standard and complex task in order to offer viable IT solutions for the specific needs of each organization.


2018 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO in the category Retail Sales and Distribution
Project: Unified Personal Dashboard for O’KEY


Special nomination by Global CIO

For consistent focus on customer-oriented digitalization for client Gazpromneft-Centre, LLC

Platinum award

Nominated for Best Social/Lifestyle App at the Best Mobile App Awards
Project: O’KEY mobile app


2016 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO for Best Multichannel Solution
Project: Implementation of the Mobile Family concept for the O’KEY online store

2015 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO for Best Sector Solution for our approach to retail automation

Project: OKEY online store development


2014 Innovator of the Year (American Chamber of Commerce)

For the development of the O’KEY online store


2014 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO in the categories Innovative Approach and Communications and Services

Projects: Creating a Test Suite at VTB24 Bank


2014 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO in the categories Innovative Approach and Communications and Services

Improving VTB Bank’s financial limits management system («the best IT solution designed to reduce risk in business»)


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