Implementation phase in SDLC is the process of configuring the software for certain conditions of use, as well as training customers to work with the product. This stage begins after the system has been tested and accepted by the company. At the time, a program is installed to support the intended business functions. The system performance is compared with the targets set at the planning phase.

Reksoft carries out a full range of works on the implementation of software into the system according to the customer’s wishes, starting from the installation, adaptation and adjustment of programs and up to integration with devices, commissioning and user training.


The methods of software implementation can be different and depend on the task that the developers initially faced. Reksoft according to the situation suggests using three ways:

  • Fresh implementation. It can be defined as a process in which manual recording is replaced by new software. In this case there are some tasks in the form of file conversion, user training, etc.
  • Replacement implementation. The old software is replaced by new programs. It demands thorough planning to overcome difficulties may arise.
  • Modified implementation. The old software is replaced by new with some changes. This type of implementation is easily, because the file modification area is not so large.

Each method can bring real benefits to the business and improve the final result.

Main steps

Since the software implementation procedure affects the company’s work, the process is divided into several steps. On each stage includes the necessary list of operations, which depend on the goal. Everyone has its own nuances and is carried out after agreement with the customer:

  • A study of the current work of the company by specialists before creating a project. At the end of the preliminary survey and audit, the customer receives recommendations related to the development of the technical task.
  • Creating a software implementation group. The developer company forms a program’s integration team and appoints engineers.
  • The program’s installation on the servers, as well as checking and adjusting the working state of the system and testing it.

The implementation process is finished, but there are additional procedures in life cycle software development that call post-installation. It can include the following works:

  • Training of a group of specialists on the part of the customer to work with new product. It can be performed remotely or on the firm’s territory.
  • Making changes according to the customer’s experience of using new software.

At the end of taking the agreed modifications and the system is transferred to the client and the implementation operation is considered completed.

Our approach

We create comprehensive solutions that help you exploit changes in technologies and business models, meet customer expectations and comply with regulators’ requirements. Our IT products contribute to realize a company’s strategy using the following methods:

  • Agile & DevOps;
  • Startups support;
  • Machine learning;
  • Internet of things.

Our approach and engineering service make it possible to quickly develop and implement optimal digital decisions for different business area.

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