Information Technology Outsourcing

Information technology outsourcing is often used among various firms around the world. In 2020, the global large of market of these services was estimated at $342.9 billion. 24.5% of all enterprises, including small businesses, are planning to increase their investment into technology outsourcing this year.
Firms decide to recruit outside specialists for various reasons. It reduces spending, cover a more various personnel reserve of workers and find the dedicated development team to fulfill their business vision.

Development of computer application for business means boosting its competitiveness and uniqueness, so the final goods are primarily tailored to the concrete firm needs. But still there are four basic types of it:

  • System software: operating systems, utilities, hardware management, etc.
  • Programming soft: text editors, linkers, debuggers, etc.
  • Application software: office suites, data management software, security programs, etc.
  • Embedded soft: telecommunications networks, industrial robots, etc.

Its development is conducted by programmers, software engineers and developers. They operate as outsourcing specialists or work as a team for a special agency or web design company specializing in software.


There are the most popular IT outsourcing services:

  • application maintenance
  • software development
  • telecommunication amenities
  • site maintenance
  • human resource management
  • business process outsourcing
  • hosting
  • data center formulation
  • IT security
  • network management
  • database administration
  • technical support

Dedicated outsourcing decisions for software development

This technology gives companies many opportunities, but also implies wide responsibilities. To ensure smooth operation, a good overview and control of outsourcing mechanisms may be required.

  • When evaluating an appropriate dedicated solution, the following features should be taken into account: It is necessary to maintain the lifecycle management of the entire system.
  • Access to expert knowledge, including both user support and topics.
  • User friendliness, i. e. it should be easy to work with the developed solution.


An outsourcing development team of specialists will help the firm:

Reducing spending. Find a dedicated software development team with equity, no need to pay a full salary, and also create an entire IT department on the spot.

Entering a wider market. This opportunity can help a business to grow in new directions from a global perspective.

24/7 technical support. When recruiting an outsourced helpdesk, you can choose an around-the-clock maintain option without additional payment for overtime work.

Reducing the risks of data loss and hacking. In the face of increasing competition, outsourcing companies provide the best services with increased security, as they take measures to improve data recovery, prevent data loss, etc.

Staff of qualified professionals. Companies engaged in IT outsourcing have a wide variety of specialists, so the firm can easily get a team to comply with the needs of a project.

Pliability. Software development outsourcing gives a firm the option to select developers for a single project, so it can retain them for future drafts.

How to work with IT outsourcing firms

Set clear ideas and objectives. The common understanding between development team and clients is the most important.

Request a project management, a distinct scheme and permanent meetings. Paying special attention to communications and planning is essential. For example, some companies divide the work into milestones and apply Agile methodologies to facilitate the involvement of both development teams and project owner. This way is a better chance to stay involved during the design process and drive the draft into the right direction.

Documentation. It helps to track progress and functionality. The well-documented project can be easily passed and facilitate an internal team easily start working on it after the end of the contract. Draft documentation includes manuals and user guides, code comments, API paperwork, etc.

Why should you choose Reksoft as your IT outsourcing partner?

Reksoft is a high-end full-cycle software development and outsourcing company that provides dedicated services at every stage of the project. We’ve been creating IT systems and products that change markets since 1991. Entrust our web development team with a project, and we’ll focus on the realization of your business ideas and goals.

The wide program design expertise of our workers allows us to implement works of any complexity: from platforms, mobile applications and software to the creation of complex distributed formulation and consulting centers in various technical areas.

We use modern approaches to project development and management, and we are committed to the prompt integration of our specialists into your draft.


2018 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO in the category Retail Sales and Distribution
Project: Unified Personal Dashboard for O’KEY


Special nomination by Global CIO

For consistent focus on customer-oriented digitalization for client Gazpromneft-Centre, LLC

Platinum award

Nominated for Best Social/Lifestyle App at the Best Mobile App Awards
Project: O’KEY mobile app


2016 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO for Best Multichannel Solution
Project: Implementation of the Mobile Family concept for the O’KEY online store

2015 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO for Best Sector Solution for our approach to retail automation

Project: OKEY online store development


2014 Innovator of the Year (American Chamber of Commerce)

For the development of the O’KEY online store


2014 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO in the categories Innovative Approach and Communications and Services

Projects: Creating a Test Suite at VTB24 Bank


2014 Project of the Year

Nominated by Global CIO in the categories Innovative Approach and Communications and Services

Improving VTB Bank’s financial limits management system («the best IT solution designed to reduce risk in business»)


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