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Raising system performance and enabling greater data efficiency

Raising system performance and enabling greater data efficiency


Lukoil is one of the world’s biggest vertically integrated companies for the production of crude oil and gas, and their refining into petroleum products and petrochemicals. The company is a leader on the Russian and 30 international markets in its core business.


  • Wide geographic distribution of Lukoil entities necessitated data coordination
  • Limited integration risked document loss and work duplication
  • Lukoil was spending too much on maintenance
  • Lukoil wanted to guarantee ongoing product vendor support


  • Corporate data and integration server upgraded to new platform
  • System transferred to .NET platform with function redistribution
  • We were able to work around platform issues during upgrade
  • Integration rules successfully updated with affiliated systems
  • Moving to new platform made further development work easier
  • New platform guaranteed ongoing product vendor support


  • New BizTalk platform enabled Lukoil to improve system performance by 30%
  • Reduced time and money spent on data maintenance and system integration
  • Improved accuracy, integrity and consistency of data
  • Lukoil benefits from much more efficient organisational operations

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