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Providing expert monitoring and testing services

Providing expert monitoring and testing services


Mazda Motor Logistics Europe NV is the European distribution arm of the Mazda Motor Corporation and is the company’s most important branch in Europe. The company employs more than 400 people and has an annual turnover of more than €4 billion.


  • Over 20 different software applications in use
  • Isolating and resolving availability and performance issues problematic
  • Dealers had to call central office to resolve problems
  • Delays due to IT issues hit customer service levels


  • We operate BAC to analyse Mazda’s business applications
  • Onsite, trilingual support provided to service desk and development department
  • BAC used in more than 10 individual projects to date
  • Monitoring scenarios and productivity are discussed with Mazda project managers


  • Incident and problem management processes more efficient and business aligned
  • Accelerated problem isolation by automating standard operational processes
  • Business impact measured from perspective of system end-users
  • Mazda can now manage business and operational service levels proactively

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