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Optimising business processes with enhanced document management for Petersburg Transit Telecom

Optimising business processes with enhanced document management for Petersburg Transit Telecom


Petersburg Transit Telecom (PTT) was founded in 2000 as a leading telecommunication and internet provider that offers its services to corporate and carrier customers in northwestern Russia. In 2007, Petersburg Transit Telecom was acquired by Northwest Telecom, the region’s major landline operator.


  • Innovation key to securing market share in telecom industry
  • Desire for flexibility hampered by rigid business processes
  • PTT sought Documentum-based workflow system
  • System had to offer a high level of flexibility and scalability for optimal ROI


  • We automated business processes with strong emphasis on workflow and lifecycles
  • Custom activity templates for future agile maintenance of business processes defined
  • Russian-language user interface designed, and metadata taxonomy introduced
  • We developed flexible reporting sub system, and integrated eToken security component


  • We deployed a workflow system that serves 100 users
  • 90% of document flow is now fully automated
  • PTT increased transparency of internal processes
  • We reduced PTT’s total cost of ownership

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Quality is important to us, and all qualitative project goals — like transparent processes and flexible control of business processes — have been fully realised in the course of implementation. The system really works.

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