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Improving efficiency via SAP and Documentum integration

Improving efficiency via SAP and Documentum integration


Gazprom is Russia’s largest company and the largest extractor of natural gas in the world. In 2008, the company produced 549.7bn cubic meters of natural gas, amounting to 17% of worldwide gas production. Gazprom’s activities accounted for 10% of Russia’s gross domestic product in 2008.


  • Company activities widely distributed across Russia, with over 220,000 employees
  • Remote sites not connected to the company’s central systems
  • Employee access to important information was restricted
  • Gazprom’s workflow and other information systems were not integrated


  • ERP and CMS combined into single environment
  • EMC software products used to integrate SAP and Documentum systems
  • Our solution provided functionality for bilateral data exchange
  • Single environment facilitates exchange of agreements between systems


  • We helped Gazprom optimise its business processes
  • Integration eliminates need to purchase 100s of additional software licenses
  • Gazprom saves 50% of its IT budget
  • Gazprom employees now enjoy access to vital company information
  • Greater data exchange between Gazprom’s employees enabled

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