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Improving data efficiency and storage

Improving data efficiency and storage


Pharmadule Emtunga AB is the world-leading supplier of advanced modular production facilities for the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries. The company has been designing and implementing licensed modular production facilities since 1986, with the focus on bringing its clients’ drug facilities into production faster and assuring predictable, first-rate results.


  • Pharmadule needed to maintain fastest service in industry
  • Efficiency compromised by numerous applications on different platforms
  • Data consolidation and analysis problematic and time-consuming


  • We performed data transfer to specialised Microsoft platforms
  • Main data was migrated to a Microsoft SQL server, all applications integrated
  • All user interfaces were rebuilt as ASP.NET Web Forms
  • We continue to provide ongoing maintenance support


  • Pharmadule retained its excellent reputation for schedule performance
  • Data consolidation and analysis is now faster and more convenient
  • Cost overruns, time delays and technical problems have been minimised

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