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Development of a major online information portal for Russia's top CIOs

Development of a major online information portal for Russia's top CIOs

Client is the official online portal for Russia’s IT directors, created by the CIO Association of Russia (SODIT). The mission of GlobalCIO is to become a working tool for all IT executives, serve as a single source of knowledge and professional networking site for them, and contribute to the development of the Russian IT community.


  • Developing an official Internet portal for CIO Russia
  • Integration of topic information into a single database
  • Development of portal with user-friendly navigation system and full-text search


  • Optimization of information exchange between users
  • Introduction of a large number of communication opportunities between users
  • System integrated with social networks
  • Creation of professional IT database and weekly addition of new material


  • Creation of the leading IT portal for IT executives in Russia
  • now a popular search service for information on IT in Russia
  • Reksoft supports the further technical development of the portal

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