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Developing speech analysis software for the call center

Developing speech analysis software for the call center


ASC Telecom is among the world’s leading suppliers of innovational software solutions for recording, analyzing and evaluating written and oral speech. For over 46 years, ASC Telecom has been engaged in developing solutions for analyzing speech communication.


  • Developing new versions of the client’s existing product based on the latest technologies
  • The volume of work having grown,creating an added development center
  • Developing the new versions in the shortest possible time
  • Developing a new generation product


  • Creating a new professional team for developing, testing and supporting the product
  • Using new technologies in the creation of a new level product
  • Developing a new architecture for the product
  • Reksoft’s support of the previous versions of the product


  • The creation of new versions of the ASC product, while improving the qualification of the Reksoft team
  • The implementation of the initial ASC ideas and developing a product with a new functionality
  • Making the software work faster due to its being internally extended
  • Familiarizing users with the capabilities of the new versions of the product

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