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Developing embedded software for faster franking machines

Developing embedded software for faster franking machines


Francotyp-Postalia is a leading, internationally operating manufacturer of franking machines for the outgoing mail market. Francotyp-Postalia develops, produces and sells mail franking machines, inserting machines and related services, and the company is a German market leader, with a market share of more than 45%.


  • Client needed to improve performance of franking machine, a core product
  • Client needed to improve processing time and overall franking process
  • Existing functionality had to be retained To minimise costs, only the system software could be modified
  • Country- and customer-specific software and data had to be loaded


  • We supported the automation of the customisation process
  • Dummy data was created in live SAP system
  • System developed to simulate SAP interface


  • Client reduced R&D cost savings by over 30%
  • Increased motor speed during franking process
  • 30% reduction in printing time

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