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Developing crucial scheduling software module for swiss trains

Developing crucial scheduling software module for swiss trains


Qnamic Inc. is a Swiss company specialising in the development of planning and production software solutions that increase the efficiency of logistic companies. Qnamic is partly owned by BLS, Switzerland’s largest private railway company.


  • Tighter rail timetable demanded greater efficiency
  • Train operators constantly needed to refer to infrastructure and timetable
  • Consulting different documents was awkward and distracting
  • Unified, accessible digital document had to be developed


  • Iterative development model was used in close cooperation with Qnamic
  • Multi-component, distributed application support extended security model
  • Different client applications for different groups of users
  • Web-enabled server allows information to be accessed via intranet
  • Application components can be updated on driver’s netbooks via intranet
  • New UI functionality introduced, and localisation mechanisms implemented


  • Multi-component, web-enabled application enhances system functionality
  • RailOpt DIS saves time and paper, and reduces potential for human error
  • Increases flexibility with automatic updating of application and required data
  • Localisation mechanisms multiply application’s ROI to Qnamic

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