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Developing an integrated QoS system for Ascom

Developing an integrated QoS system for Ascom


Ascom, headquarted in Bern, Switzerland is an international solution provider with comprehensive technological know-how. The company’s Wireless Solutions division concentrates on high-value, customer-specific on-site communications solutions. The company has subsidiaries in 18 countries and a workforce of 2600 employees worldwide.


  • Ascom wanted to widen the customer base of its QVoice product
  • QVoice required new module to operate across all mobile networks
  • QVoice needed to expand supportable network standards


  • Introduced changes to interface, data presentation and reports
  • Newly developed software passed rigorous field testing process
  • Effected expansion of supportable mobile network standards
  • Scalable software can constantly gain new functionality
  • QVoice can now be used by operators all over the world


  • Development of QVoice broadened Ascom’s customer base
  • QVoice now compatible with major mobile phone standards and networks
  • More than 70 mobile network operators worldwide have chosen QVoice
  • QVoice is also used by the world’s leading manufacturers

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