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Developing a multimedia content management system

Developing a multimedia content management system


aMedia was founded in 2002. Today, the company is the largest producer of television series and the largest private film studio in Russia. Its series regularly attract over 7 million viewers, with programming sold to over 25 countries, and the company has won numerous Russian Broadcasting Academy awards.


  • aMedia faced time-consuming manual data entry processes
  • Access to documents was slow and limited
  • Scriptwriters faced obstacles to collaboration
  • aMedia urgently required a multimedia content management system


  • We developed repository based on Documentum platform
  • Compressed media data were stored using Documentum Content Server
  • Repository integrated with script editing application
  • Plain text input mode offers automatic structurisation


  • Our content management system covers 200 workplaces
  • Repository capable of storing 40,000 documents
  • Documents can now be accessed by 1000s of users simultaneously
  • Script editing application enhances collaboration and security

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