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Developing a comprehensive system for automated performance

Developing a comprehensive system for automated performance


The Federal Migration Service (FMS Russia) is the federal body of executive authority responsible for implementing national policy, law enforcement, control and supervision, and providing state services in the sphere of migration.


  • Increase the efficiency of the delivery of public services
  • Reduce delivery time for public services
  • Unify application software in all FMS subdivisions
  • Increase the reliability of data consolidated at the federal level
  • Reduce costs on maintenance and support


  • Development of system that automates public services processes provided by the FMS Russia
  • Creation of a common data model(CDM), which fully covers the application area
  • Development of data detection algorithms, logically consistent data and mechanisms


  • Public services are strictly in accordance with administrative regulations within stipulated period
  • Improved reliability of data at regional level
  • All structural units of the FMS Russia available from a single information system in 29 regions

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