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Designing schedule coordination software for a major German broadcaster

Designing schedule coordination software for a major German broadcaster


ProSieben is a German commercial cable-satellite television station that broadcasts across the DACH region, Luxembourg and Eastern Europe. ProSieben is Germany’s second largest privately owned television company. It began operations on January 1, 1989.


  • Different software applications in use across ProSieben
  • Inefficient manual processes needed to be eliminated
  • Requirement to abide by broadcasting codes across DACH region
  • Heavy fines in place for non-compliance ProSieben needed unified schedule coordination solution


  • Detailed design documentation for schedule coordination software produced
  • Rich, unified graphic user interface designed with drag-and-drop
  • GUI highlights scheduling inconsistencies


  • Multiple heterogenous software environments replaced by single application
  • Manual processes in scheduling greatly reduced
  • Consistent marketing policy introduced
  • Scheduling errors and code breaches far less likely to occur
  • Trailers can be introduced into schedules more easily

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