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Delivering an automated content management system

Delivering an automated content management system


IrkutskEnergo is a utility company, generating and distributing hydroelectric and thermoelectric energy. The company is Russia’s third largest generator of electric power, and second by volume of generated thermal power. Company revenues for 2008 exceeded 29bn rubles ($920m).


  • Widely distributed users suffered from limited information access
  • Complicated confirmation process and risk of document loss
  • Client had to reduce document search time and streamline workflow
  • Automation of document management was required


  • Cluster configuration guarantees reliable high availability
  • System interface and server logic customised
  • Digital signature system implemented, communications integrated
  • We continue to provide support and maintenance


  • New automated content management system benefits 7000 users
  • Cluster configuration increases information security
  • Documents are approved fast, improving company agility
  • Improved document workflow and greater user access
  • Routine, manual work is substantially reduced

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