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Creating complete e-commerce solution for O’KEY Group

Creating complete e-commerce solution for O’KEY Group


O’KEY is one of the largest retail chains in Russia. Its primary retail format is the modern Western European hypermarket under the O’KEY brand, complemented by O’KEY supermarkets. O’KEY is owned by O’KEYGROUP S.A presented under the name OKEY at London Stock Exchange.
The Company opened up its first hypermarket in Saint Petersburg in the year 2002 and has since demonstrated stable growth and now operates 159 stores across Russia: 73 hypermarkets, 37 supermarkets and 49 discounters stores in Northwest, Central, Ural, and Siberian Regions of the country with a combined total sales area of about 515,155 square meters and 52,625 square meters, respectively. O’KEY is the first among Russian food retailers to launch e-commerce operations in St. Petersburg and Moscow based on hypermarket assortment.


The Objective
To develop complete e-commerce solution for the online sales channel for the O’KEY hypermarkets chain. The launch of the new sales channel was intended to be instrumental in the large Russian retailer emerging onto a new e-commerce market and gaining larger market share.
• A convenient, modern e-commerce place for customers
• Flexible marketing tools
• A records system for processing orders, logistics, and document flow
• Mobile terminals for collecting data for order delivery
• Integration with existing IT systems: ERP, commercial software, and accounting 
• Accounting and analytics


The project kicked off in June of 2014. As of right now, the first phase of the project is complete and project is running via second phase of solution enhancement and mobile store improvement. Today e-store is allowing consumers to order products in the Internet and then come on their own and collect them at one of the hypermarket’s distribution locations, spending no more than 5 minutes to do so. Customers may also order groceries to be delivered to their homes as well at the time that is convenient for them. Orders may be placed over the course of 3 hours and are stored for 24 hours, whereby the delivery of the order is free of charge. The Internet store’s product selection is based on the choices offered by O’KEY hypermarket: groceries as well as non-food products.
Prior to the time of the complete e-commerce solution launch, a convenient, modern web show-case was developed along with flexible marketing tools and a records system for order processing. Additional work is also currently underway for expanding the services it offers: payment by credit card on the site, connection to mobile terminals for gathering orders, and much more. Over the course of 2015-2016, connection of O’KEY hypermarket Internet store is on-going for other cities aside Moscow and St. Petersburg
This project is one that is unique for the Russian e-commerce market as far as it is the first Internet store based on the IBM WebSphere Commerce platform, which provides for smooth, transparent interaction with customers via all of its channels (including mobile and social). Furthermore, Reksoft provided the customer with a packaged service including business consulting in the field of e-commerce and logistics. 
The issue of developing modern e-commerce solution that meet the needs of consumers is quite a relevant topic today. Based on data from J’son & Partners Consulting, over the course of the last five years the Russian e-commerce market grew on average by 42.2% per year with its “hypermarkets” as its largest segment.


The launch of the new sales channel provided the large retailer a means to merge onto a new e-commerce market, which it had previously never undertaken. In the future, the launch of an internet store for all O’KEY hypermarkets is planned as well that will give O’KEY quite a significant advantage over other players not even in sales, but also in promotion.

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