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Creating a system to provide government services online

Creating a system to provide government services online


The Federal Migration Service (FMS Russia) is the federal body of executive authority responsible for implementing national policy, law enforcement, control and supervision, and providing state services in the sphere of migration.


    Transferring to an electronic type of the following procedures:
  • Providing service information
  • Filling in electronic version of applications
  • Observation of execution of the business processes and obtaining results of the service in electronic format


  • Creation of electronic portal for FMS Russia
  • All FMS Russia main state services are transferred to an electronic look
  • Integration with other federal authorities through systems and interagency electronic interaction web services


  • Reduction of the applicant’s waiting time for the result or verification of the submitted documents
  • General time for receiving the state services was essentially reduced
  • The quantity of the mistakes made by applicants when filling the forms was reduced

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