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Building BI analysis platform of message traffic

Building BI analysis platform of message traffic


Sicap, founded in 1995 and based in Bern, Switzerland, is a software company providing mobile applications and network products for GSM operators globally. Sicap operates in France, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa, providing products and solutions in the areas of value-added services, service delivery and payment services.


  • Telecom operators need to analyze huge message traffic including delivery statuses, protocol and message types, and performance analysis
  • Due to the heterogeneous nature of telecom infrastructure, information necessary for analysis resides in different systems, provided in different formats and accessed in different ways
  • Analysis views and reports based on the BI platform had to be integrated with existing portal


  • Exporting and preliminary aggregation of traffic data from message routing platforms to well-tuned database
  • Organization of OLAP data cube providing necessary measurements for required analysis
  • Building analysis interface and embedding to existing WEB application


  • Analysis of message traffic is now available in real-time mode
  • Productivity of new BI platform significantly outperformed existing statistical solutions
  • Simple and intuitive GUI analysis process considerably reduced involvement of technical experts
  • Editing data presentation became possible at any time of analyzing process

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