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Building and operating a nearshore development centre


Mavenir Systems is a leading innovator in mobile infrastructure solutions for mobile operators to offer LTE communications services, providing IP-based core network solutions to migrate voice and messaging services to LTE. More than 500 million mobile subscribers across 150 mobile networks use services enabled by Mavenir solutions.
Airwide Solutions, a provider of next-generation mobile messaging and wireless internet infrastructure, applications and solutions, outsourced projects to Reksoft before being acquired by Mavenir Systems in 2011.


  • Client sought reduction in time to market
  • Business-critical services required third-party support
  • Client required partner to support company without affecting brand


  • Personnel trained in the client’s chosen disciplines
  • Development, maintenance, testing and customisation undertaken
  • Implementation and customer support services delivered
  • Reksoft demonstrate proactive approach to problem-solving
  • Communication channels maintained without impacting formal progress


  • Client’s products’ time-to-market considerably reduced
  • Reksoft’s support boosts client’s reputation
  • Reksoft optimises resource utilisation while helping meet deadlines

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