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Automating publication processes

Automating publication processes


Springer Science+Business Media is one of the world’s largest STM publishing houses. The company publishes 1,700 journals and 5,000 new book titles every year, databases, online services, conferences and seminars included. Around 5,000 employees work for the company in more than 20 countries around the world.


  • Client needed to streamline book publishing workflow
  • Existing system was not capable of establishing a global production approach
  • High integration complexity due to heterogeneous systems
  • Lack of in-house capacity necessitated outsourcing partnership


  • Reksoft’s solution based on Documentum
  • Integrated via SOA protocol All book production processes automated
  • Reksoft take responsibility for JWF and BWF maintenance
  • Tasks involving Documentum integration, and monitoring and DITA


  • 500 users benefit from more convenient collaboration
  • Book and journal production now much more convenient
  • 100 simultaneous users and 1 more terabyte of new content each month
  • Client can focus on its core business and enjoys efficient communication

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