Launching an Internet traffic optimization system for Tele2 Russia


million subscribers
regions of presence in Russia

Tele2 is one of the leading alternative telecom operators in Europe.
The company has been working in Russia since 2003.


As the fourth-biggest operator in Russia in terms of subscribers, Tele2 is constantly working to improve the quality of its services and provide a high level of customer services.

Today’s mobile users are accustomed to reliable voice calls and high-speed mobile Internet. Mobile operators must make it possible for them to see good quality images on their phones, and view web pages and download video at high speeds.

Tele2 decided it needed to optimize its packet data to improve the efficiency of content delivery. These measures were aimed at improving the subscriber satisfaction and thus increase traffic.

To achieve the necessary result, the company set a number of objectives:
Improve visual quality, accelerate video and image download speeds.
Optimize Internet traffic for its subscribers.
Achieve a higher level of loyalty of end users.


Reksoft, together with Byte Mobile International (currently part of Citrix Systems), proposed the introduction of a traffic management system called UNISON, which is designed to work with mobile Internet and video.

The project consisted of several stages: a trial stage, which allowed us to evaluate what benefits the UNISON system would bring to Tele2, and subsequent production stages. At the trial stage, optimization was applied to a test group of subscribers, and different combinations of settings were tested to achieve the best balance between increasing the speed of content delivery, perception of customer services and the nominal decrease in the volume of traffic. This test helped to choose the most “elastic” combination of parameters to sustain growth in demand among service subscribers.

The production stage of optimization was applied to Tele2’s entire subscriber base. Reksoft provided design solutions, supplied and installed equipment, installed and configured software, and integrated Tele2’s existing equipment.

The implemented system has enabled more efficient use of their network resources: load optimization made possible significant channels of web traffic, increased the speed taken to download Internet content, and made it possible to display video files at a quality visual level.

At the moment, there is a substantial increase in traffic: factors such as the amount of traffic per subscriber and the number of HTTP requests to the subscriber are increasing. The analytical component of the system provides a detailed assessment of traffic characteristics, queries, and the proportion of different types of mobile devices in the overall picture.

Assessment of benefits of UNISON for Tele2, tests conducted to find the best combination of parameters to work with mobile Internet and video.
Phased application of optimization to Tele2’s entire subscriber base.
Evaluation of system implementation, analysis of traffic characteristics on UNISON platform.


Reksoft successfully implemented the project to optimize Internet traffic for Tele2 subscribers. Following the introduction and optimization of the UNISON platform, Tele2 subscribers now enjoy high speed Internet connections, downloading videos and images from the web.

The system was put into operation in February 2012.

Reksoft helps Tele2 provide subscribers with affordable telecommunications services and increase the volume of traffic from subscribers. Currently, Reksoft provides Tele2 with a dedicated support team for this system, its portal service, and service management services on this platform. For devices on Android and iOS, which are growing rapidly, WEB system optimization and video content brings the most significant results.

Reduced infrastructure costs thanks to new UNISON software platform.
Increase speeds of downloads and improved visuals of video files and images.
Introduction of WEB optimization and video content for mobile devices.
Collaboration between Tele2 and Reksoft over further expansion package for operator.


  • IBM BladeCenter
  • Radware Alteon
  • Bytemobile’s UnisonTM Mobile Internet Platform


  • Optimization
  • Software development
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Support