Creating a point of sale automation system for Sulcus Hospitality Group



Sulcus Hospitality Group is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for the worldwide lodging industry, and has been providing first-class customer support and software maintenance in the hospitality sphere since 1977.


Hospitality is a fast-paced industry, and efficiency is highly prized. Hotels often experience difficulties when using one point of sale system for their bar and restaurant, and a separate property management system for its rooms. Data can easily be lost and time wasted due to double entry, and staff require complicated instructions. Sulcus wanted to change this by offering its customers an integrated product bringing point of sale and property management systems together, streamlining processes and minimizing time-consuming manual operations. At the same time, the integrated systems needed the flexible functionality to allow them to work separately if needed.

Existing, discrete systems were slow, risking double entry and data loss.
POS system needed to be integrated with hotel PMS.
Integrated systems had to be capable of working separately.


Sulcus handed us responsibility for the full-cycle product co-development, including the product management, project management and development stages. Once a comparative feature analysis and requirements definition had been completed, we set up an offshore development centre to create WinnPOS, a flexible and efficient point of sale solution suitable for a wide range of hotels, restaurants and bars. The point of sale and property management systems were integrated and feature intelligent touch-screen inputting with an intuitive interface suitable for use by both food and beverage (F&B) staff and front office personnel. In addition, we provide maintenance and second and third-line support for WinnPOS users and distributors to ensure an optimal ongoing service.Creation of planning system module with user-friendly interface.

WinnPOS system integrates PoS and PMS.
Easy-to-use system can be used by F&B and front office personnel.
Product management, project management and development.
We provide maintenance and second- and third-line product support.


We created WinnPOS from scratch and developed the system as a turnkey project, so Sulcus received a complete solution that was immediately available for sale. WinnPOS was soon enthusiastically adopted by hotels seeking to improve business efficiency and reduce TCO by integrating their point of sale and property management systems. Its popularity also stems from WinnPOS’s intuitive interface, which means its users require minimal training.Reduction of wasted raw materials.

Integrative solution developed from scratch.
Turnkey development – system was available for use on project completion.
Easy-to-use interface – minimal training required for WinnPOS users.


  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere
  • TCP/IP
  • COM / DCOM


  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Enterprise Application Integration