Planning system module development for Stora Enso


Thousand employees
Countries worldwide

Stora Enso is a global paper, packaging and wood products company producing newsprint and book paper, magazine paper, fine paper, consumer board, industrial packaging and wood products.


Pursuing the goal of the most efficient use of natural resources, Stora Enso decided to establish a system of forest supply management. The company needed to minimize the costs of warehousing and transportation, as well as reducing losses related to extended storage of raw materials.

The new planning system needed to meet several requirements:

  • All updates made by any employee needed to be immediately reflected throughout the system.
  • Data distribution between server and workstation users had to be balanced so that users could work independently outside the office.

This feature has to be combined with the possibility of rapid data updates on the server and efficient operation of the system by all users.

It was not possible to buy an off-the-shelf product, as no single planning system met all the requirements listed above. As a result, Stora Enso had to develop its own system.

Microsoft Silverlight was used as the technology platform for creating the web modules with complex data analysis (preferably in Pivot mode). For other modules, other technologies could be chosen (ASP.NET MVC / Flash+ActionScript / XNA for mobile apps, etc.)

Establishment of a system of forest supply management.
Minimization of the costs of warehousing and transportation.
Creation of web modules with complex data analysis.


Reksoft was chosen to provide essential software development services due to its extensive experience in creating software systems based on Microsoft technologies and Reksoft’s long-term partnership with Microsoft corporation.

Reksoft software engineers created Action Plan, a planning system module, where customer specialists can store information about deliveries and search for and produce the sample data needed to display them in tables and graphs. Similar in appearance to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, the application boasts an intuitive user interface alongside complex functionality. It makes it possible to make plans for the procurement and delivery of timber according to multiple parameters (including different recipients and providers), with up to 3 million different data combinations.

The module also features an editable pivot table with the ability to change the order of rows or columns, aggregating data on any level. Another interesting feature is that users can save their preferred search profile and the grid’s current appearance and use them later.

With the new application, Stora Enso employees can effectively manage wood supply on a biweekly basis, and make necessary amendments to the plan at any time.

Creation of planning system module with user-friendly interface.
Module needed to aggregate company’s data on any level.
Client needed module to have a possibility of making amendments to the plan at any time and saving search profiles and grids for later usage.


Reksoft’s module results in greater efficiency for Stora Enso, obtained through better planning and a reduction in wasted raw materials. End customers benefit because of the time and cost savings Stora Enso is now able to pass along to them.

The project was so successful that Stora Enso is currently planning to involve Reksoft in the development of a further three software modules, including a project on the integration of the bio-energy obtained from the timber remaining after felling and wood processing has taken place.

Reduction of wasted raw materials.
Stora Enso achieved efficient results with a help of the better planning module.
Client’s ability to produce better result in shorter time with a less cost.


  • Platform .NET 4.0
  • Tools IIS 7
  • Microsoft IE 8
  • Silverlight 4
  • O/R Mapping (EF 4.0)
  • C# 4.0, LINQ
  • WCF RIA Services SP1 for Silverlight 4
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  • VIBlend Silverlight controls 4.0
  • DevExpress silverlight components 10.1.4


  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Enterprise Application Integration