Automated Book Publishing Solution Based on OpenText Documentum


books and 3,000 journals published annually
billion euros in revenue in 2017

Springer Nature is a global publishing company that publishes books, e-books and peer-reviewed journals in science, humanities, technical and medical (STM) publishing.


Reksoft cooperation with Springer from 2006 included development of most critical solutions for document management and always was on products related to Documentum platform. Over the years Springer required development of interfaces allowing authors access the system and upload their manuscripts that further were published and issued in Springer publishing house in both books and journals form. After the company’s significant growth existing systems, even they were quite modern, were not capable to ensure production approach at required speed level and comport for all parties engaged.

To streamline the book publishing workflow as first step and enable authors, editors and external vendors to work faster and cooperate closely, Reksoft participation in Springer projects became more demanding and included tasks to integrate all heterogeneous external vendors, to unify various protocols, workflows and system component formats and, in parallel, to ensure important client requirements of system sustainability improvement and shorten time needed to publish a book.

Improvement and shorten time needed to publish a book.

Integration all heterogeneous external vendors.


The new SpringerNature multi-user system named BFlux for automated book publishing was implemented as the result and went life in 2015 being constantly enhanced after. Based on nowadays called OpenText Documentum platform, BFlux reached business goals settled to smoothen book publishing process and enable authors, editors and external vendors increase performance and cooperate closely within high volume documentation flow.

Since publishing process is divided into stages, where each stage interacts either with the system user or external vendors, BFlux can be seen as efficient set of workflows that drive objects from stage to stage. Each stage is automated and need only one user as a supervisor (Publishing Editor). Each object (book or chapter) is attributed to a xml document that describes the content and object structure as well as contains rules that validate the object (DTD).

Using Documentum tools, Reksoft created unified guidelines for all the workflows during publishing, as well as streamlined object types and developed new user interfaces. For smooth cooperation with external vendors, each vendor gets a JobSheet – a xml document with all details about data the vendor should provide. Data exchange with the vendor is executed via FTP connection. Every time the object’s document is changed or updated by the vendor it goes through the validation process. Interested users can follow the publishing process and see at what stage the book or chapter is now and whether it will be published in time.

To ensure execution of all workflows Reksoft provided system integration with the following external services:
Digital Data Storage
REST web services
File exchange via FTP
Email notifications via SMTP


Accelerated and simplified book publishing.
Ensure effective collaboration of authors, editors and external suppliers in a single information space.


Stage 1

  • Object creation (book).
  • User assignment.

Stage 2

  • Automated object structure creation based on given workflow.

Stage 3

  • New object: Chapter.
  • Chapter structure creation.

Stage 4

  • Data exchange with an external vendor (chapter check).

Stage 5

  • Sending object to the Digital Data Store.

Stage 6

  • Complete book building.
  • Final editing.

Stage 7

  • Data exchange with an external vendor (full book check).
  • Sending complete book to the Data Digital Storage.


  • Стек OpenText Documentum (контент-сервер, DFC, xCP)
  • Java EE, JUnit, JAX-WS, Ant
  • Oracle Server, Oracle SQL Developer
  • JBoss AS
  • Эластичный стек (Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana)
  • Java 7.0, DQL, SQL, XML, XSL, Java Script


  • Software Development