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Infor is a world leader in developing and integrating software and hardware systems for midsize and small businesses, including tourism. More than 4,000 customers in 100 countries actively use the software products and solutions for the efficient management of travel agencies, hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants.


To meet the growing demand for IT solutions within the tourism and hospitality industry, Infor (formerly SoftBrands, Inc.) needed to offer its client a modern, convenient, efficient and cost-effective BI system, well-structured and orderly, and with a clear end-user interface. This BI system would combine a system for collecting, processing and presenting information in a unified form to employees and hotel management to offer a fast and efficient way to obtain management information (EIS – Executive Information System).

Structured and user-friendly BI system was required
BI system and reporting had to be unified.
Capability for «custom» reports of various dimensions was necessary.
Set of managerial reports with user-friendly notification system (EIS).
Need for reporting system functions for adaptive process analysts.


Reksoft had already created Medallion, a property management system of its own design, which was consistent with virtually all of Infor’s criteria. However, this system, which had been created for small hotels and midrange hotels, as well as for small hotel «chains», and which was successfully used in more than 2,000 hotels around the world (both in Europe and in Russia under the name Edelweiss), required some modifications directly related to the collecting, processing and presentation system. It was decided to implement a BI system based on the BI technology Crystal Reports (Business Objects) and Sybase.

The developed BI system had to be a powerful and flexible tool for multi-functional analysis. The mechanism for the collection, storage and processing of analytical data was reduced to a single system: managers were no longer required to seek reports on various storages places, which were made ​​possible by easy search by thematic area reports.

In addition, the new analytical business system not only allowed to reception of planned statistical reports (weekly, monthly, etc.), but also provided brief analytical information at any time when it might be necessary for a manager, thereby significantly speeding up the process of hotel management, and reducing the time taken to adopt administrative decisions.

The Medallion / Edelweiss BI system software package compared favorably with conventional statistical forecast reporting in all parameters for small and midrange hotels.

Introduction of reporting system based on BI technology - Crystal Reports (Business Objects) and Sybase.
Bringing analytical tools together in a single system.
Providing the necessary statistics for internal use at any time, quickly and effectively.
Introduction of predictive capability of analytical results.
«Flexible reporting» — for providing customized reporting options.


Reksoft developed a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use BI system for business analysis, statistics, and reporting systems within the Medallion / Edelweiss software system.

With its rich and industry-specific functionality, including obtaining management reports at any time, prediction statistics for all parameters and an intuitive user interface, the Medallion / Edelweiss software package helped increase Infor ‘s market competitiveness and reduce the cost of ownership for clients.

Medallion/Edelweiss has an official 2-Way Integration™ certificate from Best Western and provides a high level of networking with other resources, including the CRS and GDS systems, by using modern information-sharing protocols, based on the OTA and HTNG. Since Medallion / Edelweiss integrates with MS Office, information can be downloaded in any format if necessary, making it easy for managers and immediate business analysis.

Development of powerful BI business analysis, statistics and reporting.
Introduction of a flexible reporting system with ability to predict statistical data.
Providing high-level networking system obtained with other resources.


We are very satisfied with the level of service and efficiency of from Reksoft. We hope to continue cooperation and hope that it will allow us to reduce development time for new features on the Medallion system.

Bob Lowe

Director direction Hospitality Product Management

SoftBrands Inc.


  • Sybase,
  • Сrystal Report.


  • reporting system development,
  • improvement of existing systems.