Delivering an enhanced property management system for Infor


60 000
customers worldwide.

Infor is a global leader in providing software solutions to the hospitality industry, delivering end-to-end enterprise solutions for independent hotels, corporate chains, management companies and diverse lodging operations. More than 4000 customers in 100 countries actively use the company’s hospitality products.


To stay competitive in the constantly changing market environment of the hospitality and travel industry, Infor has to provide the right systems to satisfy its customers’ requirements. As these needs often vary according to a hotel’s business profile, Infor values solutions boasting rich functionality.

When Infor (formerly Infor-SoftBrands, Inc.) found that its existing property management system (PMS) was failing to provide this need adequately, the company moved quickly to find a partner capable of developing a system that could. Particular importance was attached to scalability; the existing system architecture could not handle large numbers of users and hotels and users frequently experienced synchronisation issues. Infor also needed a greater level of connectivity between their central reservation systems (CRS) and global distribution systems (GDS).

Development and maintenance of a new PMS.
Solution had to boast rich functionality and scalability.
Connectivity between CRS and GDS was essential.
Ongoing maintenance was required on project completion.


We had previously developed a PMS for the Swiss hotel market called Medallion that met virtually all of Infor’ criteria. Designed for small and mid-size hotels, limited-service chains and extended-stay hotels, Medallion is noted for its easy-to-use, single-screen approach to property management and comprehensive, integrated front-office/back-office functions. Its intuitive “Look-and-Book” function lets the client drag-and-drop bookings using a graphical representation of its property.

Our software engineers added still more value to Medallion by modifying the product in line with Infor’ broader business requirements. The possibilities for integration are now increased and web booking can easily be incorporated with Medallion’s interfaces to more than 60 third-party systems.

Officially certified in 2-Way Integration™ by Best Western, Medallion provides the high level of connectivity demanded by Infor’ operations. Since Medallion integrates with MS Office, information can be reproduced in a variety of formats on demand, unlocking the value of data and enhancing business potential. Moreover, the multilingual system is ideal for an international operator like Infor.Optimization of information exchange between users.

Medallion PMS is easy to use and install with an intuitive interface.
PMS provides high connectivity, certified by Best Western.
Our team added value by modifying product in line with Infor’ needs.
Multifunctional web booking engine can operate with over 60 third-party systems.
Multilingual system can be used in hotels all over the world.


Today, our complex property management solution is installed in over 1500 sites all over the world. In switching from its existing PMS to Medallion, Infor transformed an underperforming product into a positive asset: in particular, the integration capability between central reservation and global distribution systems makes Medallion a compelling prospect for Infor’ customer base. With its innovative, dedicated solution, we helped Infor increase its competitive ability and reduce time-to-market and total cost of ownership.

Medallion PMS now installed in over 1500 sites around the world.
PMS integration capabilities boosts Infor’ appeal with customer base.
PMS increases Softbrands’ competitive ability.
Time to market and total cost of ownership are reduced.


We are very satisfied with the level of service and efficiency of from Reksoft. We hope to continue cooperation and hope that it will allow us to reduce development time for new features on the Medallion system.

Bob Lowe

Director direction Hospitality Product Management

SoftBrands Inc.


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  • Microsoft Studio,
  • Sybase,
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  • JavaScript,
  • XML,
  • OTA,
  • HTNG.


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