Creating a complete ecommerce solution on the FXDD


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FXDD is a leading online retail forex firm that offers e-commerce products for trading margined foreign currency at interbank market rates. The company is one of the world’s top three interdealer brokers and caters to a diverse clientele including retail traders and investors, corporations, money managers, and hedge funds.


In today’s market, financial services organisations must offer product innovation that exceeds clients’ expectations to remain competitive. To achieve economies of scale and specialisation, complex systems and processes must be streamlined and optimised.

FXDD urgently needed to improve its online retail trade solution services and update its trading platform to stay ahead of its rivals in the financial services market. The company’s e-commerce solution had to boast high availability and provide professional trading functionality that met the stringent demands of a diverse range of users, from hedge fund managers to private investors.

Accordingly, FXDD needed a reliable software development partner with strong portal solution and trading platform expertise to develop and maintain a highly efficient and user-friendly web-based system.

FXDD sought updated trading platform to retain competitive ability.
High availability and professional trading functionality essential.
FXDD required partner with considerable portal solution expertise.


We set up an offshore development centre to create a turnkey dedicated e-trading platform that matched FXDD’s rigorous trading specifications.

The system allows FXDD customers to undertake effective worldwide currency trading and supports full-scale integration with banks and trading houses. Our web-based solution provides reliable access to the system for traders around the world to access currency pairs and ‘bid & ask’ transactions. The system provides real-time margin monitoring capability both in a numerical and a unique, easy-to-read graphic format.

To ensure a smooth transition to the new system, our ODC team continues to provide FXDD with ongoing support and maintenance.

We set up a dedicated offshore development centre.
System provides real-time margin monitoring in numerical and graphic format.
Platform fully integrated with global banks and trading houses.
Currency pairs and ‘bid & ask’ transactions accessible worldwide.
Our ODC team continues to assist FXDD with ongoing maintenance.


Reksoft’s collaboration enabled FXDD to retain its status as a leading online forex trader by offering a complete e-commerce solution for foreign currency margin trading at interbank market rates. The system’s short time-to-market enabled the company to stay competitive and flexible in serving a range of users, from individual investors and retail traders to hedge fund managers and large enterprises.

Today, the FXDD system benefits from constant and guaranteed high availability and a fast processing rate of nearly 2000 quotes per minute. Reksoft’s commitment to easing the implementation of its solution with high-quality maintenance services allows FXDD to focus on developing their core business.

Platform boasts high availability and capacity of nearly 2000 quotes per minute.

System offers full range of services to broad range of users.


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