Delivering a mission-critical Russian presence to Comverse


wireline and wireless network operators

Comverse is the leading provider of software and systems that enable multimedia value added services (VAS) in wireline and wireless networks. Comverse has nearly two decades of experience helping service providers achieve their business goals through the deployment of enhanced telecommunication services.


As a leading telecom solutions and services provider, Comverse actively involves local technology partners in target countries to achieve the best value for their customers through optimal use of local knowledge. Due to their swift penetration of the Russian market, substantial demand for the company’s services had emerged from local operators. So as not to divert resources from either its core business or plans for further expansion, it was critical for Comverse to find an experienced Russian partner to satisfy this demand on its behalf.

Comverse wanted to build on success in Russia.
Diverting resources risked disrupting company’s plans for expansion.
Demand from local operators required established local partner.


We began work in early 2001, setting up a competence centre to deal with end users’ requests. This client engagement management framework created a reliable environment for project management between Comverse, its customers and ourselves.

Throughout the project, we worked directly with the tier-1 wireline and wireless operators that make up Comverse’s end users, responding promptly and imaginatively to changing requirements, drawing on experience in value-added services, telecom OSS/BSS, and an active customer network of Russian mobile and fixed carrier operators.

We remain involved in delivering numerous mission-critical projects concerning customer care, pre-billing, billing mediation, offline charging, CRM and application integration for leading telecom operators in Russia, the CIS and Europe.

Competence centre created to address requests from local operators.
Reksoft worked directly with Comverse customers.
Reksoft committed to supporting Comverse’s expansion.


Our ongoing participation supports Comverse by offering its Russian end users quick and convenient communications with a global company with a strong local presence and the highest level of expertise in Comverse products, leaving Comverse free to pursue and expand their core business still further. Comverse products also benefit from optimised installation processes, which increase the company’s flexibility, reduce time-to-market and improve customer service.

Comverse customers benefit from Reksoft’s expertise in its products.
Comverse enabled to expand its business without delays or diversions.
Time to market reduced and customer service improved.


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  • J2SE,
  • Oracle,
  • MySQL,
  • Sun Solaris,
  • Linux,
  • Java.


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