Service development for Log Manager

a corporate network security system


3 000
organizations use company solutions.
billion threats are prevented annually.

Alert Logic develops, supplies, and supports hardware-software complexes for the control over enterprise network security. The company headquarters are located in Houston (the state of Texas), USA.


Alert Logic had to cut the software development costs. For this purpose, the company has decided to outsource certain functions.

Alert Logic needed new services to be developed for Log Manager – a corporate network security system. This product was supposed to collect and analyse user activities from host logs and on their basis, to detect and eliminate vulnerabilities.

So, Alert Logic intended:

to outsource the development of services for the Log Manager security system;

to cut software development costs.


Reksoft has set up a development centre for Alert Logic. The team picked in compliance with the customer requirements has quickly joined the development process.

The first task of the centre was to develop services for the Log Manager product. “Reksoft” has proposed the solution on the basis of the SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud service model. It is more space-efficient and convenient in comparison with the fatware functioning within the company network.

For development purposes, it was planned to create a C++ programming language platform. However, the “Reksoft” experts suggested using Erlang — the programming language which allows efficiently developing parallel and distributed systems of data processing and ensures their high reliability. Alert Logic adopted the suggestion and made the decision to transfer some other products to the Erlang programming language platform as well.

Subsequently, the Reksoft specialists have successfully carried out the migration of another Alert Logic product — Threat Manager. This system is also designed to detect vulnerabilities, though not on the host log basis but on the basis of incoming traffic.

At a later stage, Reksoft provided support for both products — Log Manager and Threat Manager.

Let’s summarize:

a development centre was set up;
the Erlang programming language has been chosen as the main development tool;
new services for the Log Manager product have been developed;
the migration of Log Manager и Threat Manager to the new Erlang programing language platform has been successfully performed;
the support for these products has been provided.


Thanks to the Reksoft specialists, the costs of Alert Logic have been reduced by 40%. The use of the Erlang programming language has increased development efficiency and reliability of the products — Log Manager and Threat Manager.

The cooperation with “Reksoft” enabled Alert Logic to enhance their software solutions and grow their customer base as well as to offer user-friendlier and higher-speed tools to their customers.

The results of the cooperation between “Reksoft” and Alert Logic are as follows:

the development costs were reduced by 40%;
the new software versions were developed and maintained.


The flexibility demonstrated by the Reksoft company during the joint development of software products impressed us greatly.” Reksoft” worked very fast and efficiently and also provided the qualified personnel which we needed. The cooperation with the Reksoft company contributes to the optimization of software development costs and that is why we would recommend this company to all the enterprises interested in obtaining similar results.


Evgeniy Golovinskiy

Vice president for software product development

Alert Logic


  • Linux
  • C/C++
  • Erlang
  • MySQL


Joint software development.