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IT experts discussed main questions of business transformation

Jan 9, 2018

Nowadays, companies have to be adaptive to stay on track. This means reacting to environmental changes in the market and corresponding to the high inertial and external standards. Flexibility and adaptiveness can be transferred through the ongoing transformation of business, which includes dealing with integrated systems, changing business goals and company’s structure.

These highly demanded changes require absolute consistency within all dynamic areas of business: strategic management, performance management, business process management, organizational design, information system design etc.

Leading representatives of the most influential IT and consulting companies met on December 7th, 2017 to find answers to these questions: How to transform the organization in an era of global change? how to achieve coherence between the strategic objectives of the business and the level of operating performance? what methods and tools are appropriate to apply to support processes of change management in the organization?

As one of the key participants, Henry Peyret, principal analyst (EA) in Forrester Research spoke about the evolution of enterprises architecture.

Peyret noticed that within the past year even more companies have introduced digital elements into different levels of management. Peyret presented a phenomenon of ‘post-digital transformation’ and stressed that businesses wouldn’t be able to reach digital heights without rethinking main values.

During his speech, EMEA Manager at Orbus Software Abdulla Imran thanked Reksoft for joining efforts in promoting Orbus Software across the region. From now on companies in Russia can use high-end software from the World’s leading developer to transform their businesses.

Aleksandr Egorov, Chief Executive Officer in Reksoft shared CEOs view on the enterprise architecture. Egorov went into details about why software development companies, such as Reksoft got involved with consulting and enterprise architecture development. «Current situation is truly unexampled. The value of IT shifted from the back office services into powerful business forming organizations. In this case, if you work for an IT company or enterprise architecture, you can benefit from this new era of business transformation.»

Speaking about the results of the conference Ilya Kravchuk, head of EA practice in Reksoft noted: «I feel more than happy that we managed to draw so many great professionals to this conference. We realized that the subject is in great request, so there’s a plenty of content from our speakers that can be used in actual practice.»

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The “Personal Integrated Account” project by the O’Key group of companies and the developer Reksoft won the “Project of the Year” contest held by Global CIO
The personal integrated account concept for the O’KEY mobile application developed in cooperation with the Reksoft company (part of the Technoserv group of companies) has been recognized as the “Project of the Year” within the contest held by Global CIO – the largest official community of IT Directors of Russia. The project won the award for the “Best industry-specific solution” in the category “Retail trade and distribution”.

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