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Fixed networks


Reksoft is the only services provider in Russia to possess expertise in all segments of the telecom IT supply chain - from OEMs and ISVs to systems integration and operators' IT departments. We are also experienced in developing systems and applications for wired communications, such as network testing and management (QoS), and BSS/OSS.

Solutions for telecom service providers

Progress-driving R&D is especially fruitful in the telecommunications industry, perhaps the demanding and fastest-moving of all IT sectors. Telecom service providers are forced to introduce new products and services while continuously cutting costs. Today, there is an obvious shift in the way companies build their relationships with external service providers: from transactional interaction to strategic alliances. A long-term partnership with the right vendor promises an outcome of craftsmanship quality, justifying internal changes made in quest of efficiency.

Reksoft has nearly 20 years of experience delivering products and solutions to European and Russian wireline, wireless and next generation telecom operators. In all partnerships, Reksoft has been able to offer full cooperation, developing a deep understanding for the individual business processes of each client. Many of our partnerships have passed the 10-year marks and are still going strong.


  • Billing and mediation
  • Wireless enabling for business users 
  • Integration with packaged and standard solutions 
  • Maintenance and support centers for telecom operators 

Solutions for telecom product vendors

Reksoft is a unique provider in Eastern Europe, having worked in the software product development businesses for more than a decade, we know how to build just the product you expect. You could achieve much in every aspect of product development - our promise is:

  • Faster time-to-market due to our organisational knowledge accumulated over 20 product development engagements
  • Cost savings on product development life cycle from 30%, and up to 60% for product maintenance
  • Immediate access to R&D talent of Russia: best ramp-up and retention capability (learn Reksoft Talent Management practices)

If you find ours to be a valuable proposition, please contact us to get additional information or a services offer.

Reksoft services for independent software vendors (ISV)

Reksoft offers end-to-end product development services to make sure that the finished product will go live exactly on the pre-defined date. Moreover, clients benefit from Reksoft support on the domestic Russian market.

Reksoft outsourced product development services include:

  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • Product concept development and feasibility studies
  • Product development and testing services
  • Customisation and localisation services
  • Component design and integration
  • Documentation
  • Product support
  • Pre-sales, sales, integration and after-sales support

Solutions for telecom equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

Today, as the telecommunications markets are recovering, equipment manufacturers are facing the outcome of the past three turbulent years - a brand new business landscape. Even the very foundation of the traditional business model for equipment vendors has changed. To stay competitive in this new business reality, it is no longer sufficient to be brilliant in hardware engineering and manufacturing; now it is necessary to get integrated into the software business itself. To efficiently manage this shift, a telecom equipment manufacturer needs a reliable partner who possesses the appropriate technical skills and carries the very specific business experience of overcoming the new telecom challenges.

Reksoft is traditionally strong in the telecom equipment sector, and has nearly 20 years of experience in collaboration with leading European vendors. Our genuine dedication to the partnership approach, where partners grow together, sharing knowledge, risks and benefits, has already yielded a multitude of outstanding achievements, among them Ascom QVoice, Aastra Telecom Ascotel Information Management System (AIMS), PC Operator and more.

Aside from being experienced in managing close-knit relationships with telecom equipment vendors, Reksoft is an outstanding provider of complementary products and services. Moreover, our original product, Barsum - with over 3500 commercial installations on the domestic market - is singled out as the telecom software product of choice by such renowned vendors as Siemens and Avaya.

Reksoft is always looking to build constructive partnerships with telecom equipment manufacturers, offering to share our valuable experience of providing tailored services and solutions that meet the key challenges of the telecom industry of today. Working with us will introduce a high level of agility into your business, making your enterprise capable of reflecting the ever-changing market dynamics, leaving the completion at least a step behind.

Our offering

  • Software product design and development
  • Embedded software development and testing
  • Software integration services
  • Offshore dedicated centers (ODC)

Case studies

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The client needed to audit its billing processes. We carried out an in-depth analysis and performance evaluation in just 3 weeks...

Delivering installer-friendly configuration software for Aastra Telecom

The client needed to offer a brand new product to stay competitive. We delivered unique software to make this happen...

Developing an integrated QoS system for Ascom

The client needed to widen the customer base of a core product. Following collaboration with us, it is now used by operators and manufacturers all over the world...

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