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Reksoft product development services provide IT product vendors with end-to-end solutions that bring innovation to the market. Long-term collaboration with IT companies like Fujitsu Technology Solutions and T-Systems means we have what it takes to successfully launch new products and its new versions.

Most importantly, we know how to ensure the finished product will go live on time. A wealth of software development experience, broad technology expertise and well-established development processes contribute to the quality of delivered products.


Reksoft not only helps product companies to become successful; we have turned proprietary products into industry market leaders in their own right. Experience of dozens of product development engagements ensures that, with our team, you will deliver the right product at the right time.

Reksoft outsourced product development services

  • Research and development (R&D)
  • Product concept development and feasibility studies
  • Product development and testing services
  • Customisation and localisation services
  • Component design and integration
  • Documentation
  • Product support

If intimate knowledge of the domestic market is required, we can act in partnership to launch your software products on the Russian market. You can also contact our product development team to get additional information or obtain a detailed services offer.

Why engage with a specialised services provider?

Commercial software packages are very different to custom applications.  Product development differs in terms of R&D and requirements specification, and there are also crucial variations in release management, maintenance and support, and other life-cycle phases. As in other areas of business, what’s needed are professionals focused on providing a particular solution to add value while keeping risks low.

This is what Reksoft can do for you, by delivering the benefit of accumulated insider knowledge within the company. We can make your product development programs run faster with less cost and less risk compared with more generalised outsourcing engagements.

Reksoft software product development services

Reksoft is a unique provider in Eastern Europe, having been in the vanguard of software product development from the very beginning almost 20 years ago. When we claim to know the software product business, we can refer to real-life experience: software products entirely developed by Reksoft and products developed for our clients and partners.

  • SoftBrands Medallion (leading hospitality product with more than 1000 clients worldwide - now Infor)
  • Aastra AIMS and PC Attendant Console (thousands of installations world-wide) 
  • Ascom QVoice (150 global installations and used by almost all GSM carriers) 
  • Barsum (an Russian IT market leader with more than 4000 clients) 
  • (Russia’s leading online payment gateway) 
  • (Russia’s most popular pure-play online retailer) 
  • and a number of emerging Web 2.0 solutions, including social network

So Reksoft does not only help product companies become successful; we have turned proprietary products into industry market leaders in their own right. Experience of dozens of product development engagements ensures that, with our team, you will deliver the right products at the right time.

We can boost every aspect of your product development process:

  • Improving the time-to-market and reducing R&D lifecycle time 
  • Controlling product lifecycle costs 
  • Unlocking the potential in emerging markets 
  • Securing the R&D talent supply 
  • Diminishing the risks of new product launch  

We offer a tailored solution for outsourced product development, which allows you to focus on the core business your customers.

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The client needed to replace mission-critical software. We introduced system enhancements, enabling faster decision-making...

Software product component R&D

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Developing system components for analyzing large volumes of data

Alert Logic required a new flexible service to instantly detect vulnerabilities in customers’ corporate networks that would work in real time and perform correlation analysis between different network packages. The ability to extend the list of detected network attacks and individually control this service according to the specific needs of clients was one of Alert Logic’s main requirements. ...

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