Reksoft Receives Clutch Award for Europe’s Top App Developers

Reksoft has been in the forefront of Europe’s app development industry since its foundation. Our company has been internationally recognized for its efforts in the software engineering space, yet we are also trailblazers in other development scenes.

Digital marketing - Mobile app developmentIt is with great honor that we announce our latest milestone from an internationally respected platform. Reksoft has been recognized by Clutch, a verified reviews platform, for our prowess and excellence in the app development scene.

Here are words of gratitude from Mats Hultén, Reksoft’s Director of International Sales:

First, we would like to thank Clutch for their interest in our projects and customers, for helping us grow, and for including us on their list of Top B2B firms in Western Europe. It is quite an honour.

Clutch is an innovative service that allows professional buyers to review independent testimonials of service providers from all over the world and is used as an indispensable tool in the search for the appropriate service provider for their needs and we are grateful that they have recognized our efforts to be an efficient, trustworthy, and appreciated software development partner. Testimonials are collected by Clutch specialists by both phone and e-mail from real customers. 

In 2020, the Clutch team conducted detailed surveys with several of Reksoft’s most recent customers including the American network security provider Alert Logic, the Russian bank and broker Otkritie Broker, German publishing house Springer Nature, Russian oil-company giant Gazprom-Neft, and the Moscow based freight forwarder Agora Freight. 

All survey participants gave their unique and independent opinions on what it is like to have Reksoft as their software development partner. These surveys are a great help not only to prospective clients searching via but more importantly to ourselves as the reviews give us invaluable feedback which helps us become an even better partner to our clients. 

I would also like to mention the following recent events that will further bolster our standing as a trusted and well-renowned international IT partner: Reksoft has joined with The Open Group (a global industry non-profit group that develops open, vendor-neutral technology standards and certifications which developed the standards for IT4IT, TOGAF, ArchiMate, and DPBoK). 

Our CEO, Alex Egorov, also gave his view on why this was an important step for Reksoft:

  “Many of our customers are eager”, he wrote, “to find new ways to improve their software development and IT production. We can almost always be of help by either drawing from previous experience from other business niches, or our accumulated expertise from the industry of the client. As we began studying the methodologies of The Open Group, we discovered that we were already applying IT4IT practices in our projects without even knowing it.

By joining the consortium, we take an active step towards the use of even more of the best global practices from different industries.” Reksoft was also listed among The Global Outsourcing’s 100 Companies of 2021 (Leader category) by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) which is a great honour and further shows that we are on the right track. 

In closing, I would like to commend our staff for their tremendous efforts during the difficult year of 2020. Despite the pandemic and the imposed restrictions that ensued, everyone has stayed focused and on target to ensure our customers receive what they envisioned and on schedule which is remarkable considering most of them have been working remotely. 

While we hope to be able to go back to normal, in-person operations soon, for many, this time spent apart has led to even quicker and more productive work output. Our talented project team even managed to gain the necessary skills to do low-code development on the Mendix rapid application development platform by teaching and learning from each other online. This allowed for the timely development and deployment of critical microservices in one of our largest projects. 

Likewise, members of other teams also managed to further strengthen their skill set in functional programming while implementing high-load and fault-tolerant solutions in the fields of cybersecurity and finance.

For more information about our past and current projects, you can visit our Clutch profile. Reksoft is a proud five-star agency on the renowned B2B review platform.

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