Reksoft ECM team successfully passed Mendix certification

Reksoft, is glad to congratulate 20 of its team members who for 12 years have been working on essential content management automation projects in Germany, the Netherlands and United Kingdom for Springer Nature, a leading international publishing company, for being certified in Mendix Developer Certification Program.

Mendix ( is the developer of one of the global leading low-code platforms, which enables layout creation, testing, deployment and integrations of corporate applications. Low-code approach allows the developers of any level to build applications using visual components powered by the platform. The resulting visual models lay base to the code generation and artifacts of the developing system. Platform features can be used both for in-bowser and mobile applications. Mendix is featured in Gartner Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms Enterprise and Multiexperience Development Platforms magic quadrants, and also leads The Forrester Wave Low-Code Development Platforms. More than 4 000 companies of various industries all over the world use Mendix daily. Platform’s developers community exceeds 135 000 members. In 2019, Mendix company was acquired by Siemens, a German industrial mogul, for € 628 million. Acquisition goal is to promote the industrial Internet of things (IoT) platform by streamlining and simplifying the creation of corresponding applications.

Low-code platforms have appeared as a countermeasure for complexity and variety of current modern software development means. Collaborative development with minimal programming has been evaluated as one of the 20 major tech trends of the current year. Many enterprise businesses have already implemented Mendix platform for speeding up the processes that lead to digital transformation. The solution successfully handles quick app modelling tasks and bridges the gap between IT and business users which allows the companies to receive working prototypes in short timeframes and build the vision for the future system. This was the main reason for Springer Nature to choose Mendix platform.

«One of the key conditions for successful all-around support of the systems created with Mendix and their integrations with the existing corporate IT landscape lies in the team of skilled professionals that know the technology well. That drove us to certify the majority of our specialists that work in Reksoft enterprise content management (ECM) projects», – Ekaterina Zabelinskaya, Director, International S&M at Reksoft.

Reksoft’s collaboration with Springer Nature, one of the largest global scientific and academic literature publishers, was started in 2006. The company is engaged in developing and supporting universal systems for key business processes management in Springer Nature. Solutions streamline and speed up magazines and books publishing, allowing the authors, editors and external suppliers to collaborate along large amount of documentation, optimizing total work efficiency and productivity. Just in 2019, more than 100 000 academic articles in 3300 scientific journals and magazines and 13.000 books were published by Springer Nature.