Reksoft boards Autodata project consortium

October 7, 2019. Reksoft, one of Russia’s leading software developers, has joined Autodata.Rus. The multi-sector project consortium is a non-profit partnership created by the Global Navigation Satellite System, Russia’s counterpart to GPS, to promote the development and use of navigation technologies.

The consortium’s mission is to bring together the work of different organizations in the automotive, telecommunications and IT industries, government departments and development institutes. By speeding up the introduction of smart transport and communication solutions in this way, the consortium aims to meet mobility and transport safety needs as they evolve.

In total, the consortium includes more than 60 organizations, including Sollers, Gaz Group, Electronic Passport, the Russian Ministry for Industry and Trade, the Russian Ministry for Digital Development, the Russian Federal Space Agency, the Russian Federal Road Agency, Avtodor Group, Skolkovo Innovation Centre, Absolute Insurance, Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Skoltech, along with other IT companies and platform developers.

One of the consortium’s objectives is to create a national array of big automotive data through the Autodata navigation service and telematic platform. This will collect, store and process automotive and transport data from existing digital systems. This information relates to human health, car production and the external environment, including road quality, weather conditions and geography. The project has received 325 million rubles (4.6 million euros) in funding to the end of the year for the design of the Autodata platform and the creation of functional service models based on it. This will include modelling the Smart Road Network, Smart Highway and insurance telematics.

“Reksoft has been involved in the Autodata project since the first phase, formulating the general requirements for the platform, followed by the concept and its preliminary architecture,” says Reksoft CEO Alexander Egorov. “Joining the consortium was a logical next step for our joint work with the Global Navigation Satellite System, the Autodata project leader, and the other participants.”

Reksoft has significant experience in the development of nationwide platforms working with Big Data arrays. The company also successfully completed a project to create Russia’s first logistics service aggregator, the Agorafreight expedition platform. Currently, this service successfully uses millions of tariffs from logistics and transport companies from all over the world to offer near-instant online payments for transportation between China, Vietnam, USA, India, the EU and Russia.