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Reksoft announces successful partnership renewal with the global software suppliers Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle

Reksoft, a leading provider of digital solutions, software engineering and tech consulting services, announces successful partnership renewal with the global software suppliers. Over the period from between March and May, the company acknowledged Partner status with IBM, gained a Gold Partner status with Oracle, and earned two Gold partner statuses from Microsoft at once, as the delivery office in Voronezh obtained the status as well.

All of these partnership arrangements are awarded within the bounds of partner programs to companies that have significant contributions in advancing the suppliers’ products and technologies. Each status is a testament to the highest qualifications levels achieved by Reksoft employees and effective solutions for IT tasks using the innovative equipment of the largest global vendors.

Reksoft has maintained partnership with Microsoft since 2002. Its practices, based on Microsoft technologies, form one of the key trends in the production expertise development of the company’s technicians. Within the bounds of the partner program, Reksoft has earned two Gold partnerships and three competencies with gold and silver statuses:

  • Application Development.The development of innovative apps based on Microsoft platform technologies, including the Windows Server and Windows 8 operating systems, the Windows Azure platform, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 development environment, as well as new cloud based and web interface-based business models.
  • Application Integration.Package solutions integrating critical business information. Expertise in the field of building solutions based on Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, and Microsoft.NET.
  • Collaboration and Content.Solutions for collaborative group work, boosting data accessing efficiency, and augmenting employee productivity. The solutions are based on Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server, Visual Studio, and other technologies.

Reksoft holds Oracle Gold Partner status since 2006. This partnership testifies highest level of competencies in the field of solutions accomplished based on Oracle DBMS and fully corresponding to Oracle’s technician skill level requirements. The successful renewal provides Reksoft Company the basis to obtain access to all of Oracle Corporation’s software products and technologies, as well as implement the package supply of software product and DBMS licenses. Furthermore, this status provides Reksoft access to front-running research, development, and engineering knowledge for the effective development of its own information analysis technologies and systems.

Reksoft has been an IBM partner since 2002. Its long-term cooperation has enabled the company to accumulate extensive experience in integrating solutions based on IBM technologies; meanwhile, its annual confirmation of Advanced Business Partner status is the result of the successful implementation of projects for Russian and Western customers, as well as testifying to the quality of the services the company provides. Advanced Business Partner status is the second step in IBM’s partner hierarchy and is awarded to business partners for accomplishing a certain amount of sales having certified sales specialists and technical support, as well as successful implementation of projects based on IBM products.

“Integration of global vendor technologies in worldwide projects, positive reviews of our customers, extensive experience, a collection of practices, knowledge of the verticalspecifics of the customer and access to the latest developments and products has allowed Reksoft to augment and consolidate its positions in the partner programs of global software suppliers year in, year out”

– Anna Pristanskova, Head of Marketing contributed.