Mobile app for Gazprom reached 1 million downloads

It only took several months – from February to October 2017 – for a joint team of Reksoft and Gazprom specialists to release 35 updates and reach the desired functionality, which helped to increase number of users by 74%.

Gazprom mobile app was developed by a special cross-functional team, which included: product owner, scrum master, iOS developer, Android developer, designer, analyst and tester all working in Scrum framework. The team presented new features at the end of every 2-weeks sprint and delivered changes through App Store и Google Play.

The app is designed not only to support Gazprom brand awareness but to give company’s clients fast and safe access to the information on the loyalty program, bonuses and sales. Every client can easily check up-to-date gas prices on each gas station. To make every road trip comfortable, the app contains a map with network’s gas stations locations and additional information.

In February 2018 Gazprom mobile app won the «Project of the year» nomination in Global CIO contest – authoritative annual event, which reflects the choice made by the IT directors community.